Posted by: mfoz1 | June 19, 2009

Shuttle Launch

Learned yesterday that the Space Shuttle launch for June has now been postponed until July 11th which is when we will be in Florida. Very happy about this news as we have never witnessed a launch before. We got close a few years back camped out near Titusville with a clear veiw of the launch site but it was postponed at the last second due to high winds if my memory serves correct. Hopefully it will be all systems go this time. Charlotte was lucky enough to see a launch during her year at Disney so I don’t suppose she will be so excited but as the launch is schedule for a 19:45 lift off we plan to spend the day at Daytona Beach before heading down to Titusville later afternoon to get a good spot. I am also toying with the idea of leaving around 8am and heading for Gainesville first to see if we can make the 10am tour of Ben Hill Griffin stadium which is home to our beloved Gators. How I would love to visit on a real gameday but I don’t think finances will allow it this year which is a real shame being that it is Tim Tebow’s senior season and he’ll be off to the NFL next year.


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