Posted by: mfoz1 | June 5, 2009

Cast and Crew

San Diego 013Mark (Me) 44, professional writer although you probably wouldn’t guess it from my ramblings here. Have had a love affair with America and American sports for as long as I can remember. Will be taking in a Tampa Rays game while we are over there this time. Will also be picking up a raft of pre-season college football and NFL magazines so that I can relax in the sun and get excited about the new season in September. Get well soon Lee Corso btw. I love nothing more than sitting at Typhoon Lagoon and hearing the whoosh of the wave machine whilst listening to Jimmy Buffett over the PA. Ahhh, life can be sweet sometimes. Traditionally I have become responsible for selecting the music in the car, don’t underestimate the importance of having a holiday soundtrack as it can make all the difference, just ask the kids. I love Orlando for the shopping as much as anything else nowadays. I especially enjoy man-shopping with my son, which is like girl shopping but a lot quicker and more decisive, a bit like a crack SAS team in fact. No doubt we will have the opportunity to sharpen our skills at some point while the girls are wandering around the Florida Mall. Rather than me introuducing the rest of the family I thought it would be interesting if they did it themselves. You have been warned…  

deb2Debra (43)  the stay at home Mum of this brood. As you can see I have 4 wonderful children, a husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs (who will be sorely missed whenever we go away), they all keep me rather busy. I still wish that I had at  least another 4 hours in each day as I really seem to need it most of the time! This break has come as quite a surprise, but a very welcome one none the less. We fancied a get away from it all and chill holiday but had real trouble finding a hotel that ticked all the boxes at the beach so I found one in Orlando and now I’m just hoping that it ticks those boxes and doesn’t let us down. But then again I think we will have so much that we want to do that we might only be at the hotel to sleep anyway. I am hoping that on this holidyay I get to read and sun bathe and get a bit of swimming in, anything other than that will be a bonus. My main role now is to make sure we are all kitted out for this trip and then don’t forget to pack anything!!! With the way my brain is at the moment that’s a tall order… 

CharlotteCharlotte (21) The uni student of the household, studying business and management for 8 hours a week, typical student. Haven’t been on a family holiday since I was 17 so this is going to be an interesting experience considering the reaction I got from my siblings. I have a love for media and so having a father that has a range of music and movies and mags on tap is amazing. I’m looking forward to getting some sun, mainly because I’ll stay as white as a vampire otherwise. Obviously shopping is high on the list, just got to find the funds for my expensive habits. Going to see a baseball game will be great too as I’m still high after seeing the Capital One Bowl game 2 years ago (1st experience and I didn’t ask questions!). 

Alex3Alexandra (16) I may be 16 but I have a mental age of 5! I figure if you live life young there’s less to worry about and life’s a lot easier. Some people may think I have an obsession with Disney but I think of it as an interest of mine, I’m a big kid at heart and Florida has never grown old to me and will always be my home away from home. I am also the child that some members of the family would say as ‘having issues’ for simple reasons as, my father was winding me up one day whilst I was eating a cream egg, I warned him that the cream egg would land on his head if he didn’t stop but he continued. This resulted in a squished cream egg on the top of my dad’s head. I am looking forward to going back to Florida since we have not been for 2 years and I need my dose of sunshine, shopping for my school uniform as I am going into sixth form when we come back and seeing the entrance of Disney, which always puts a smile on my face. Knowing my reputation in the house for asking lot’s of questions during sports on TV I am proud to say I did not ask many questions whilst seeing a baseball game last year. This year I will be able to prove to my older sister that I can be quiet!

nickNicholas (14) I’m a big sports fan, and I could watch almost any type of sport and be happy. I find there is no better experience than going to a stadium to watch a sports game. I also like computer games, either sports or ‘shoot em ups’ as I find it amusing. I don’t believe in homework; if you work hard at school all day what is the point in going home and doing even more work? I hold the most potatoes eaten in our family in a single roast dinner with 9, but I fear Lucy is catching up. I also would rather not have exam’s, I don’t get nervous before but I’d rather not have to do them. For my GCSE’s I took: P.E, Geography, Science and Media. I took P.E because I enjoy sport and I like to keep fit, I did Geography in year 7 & 8 and I quite liked it, I had no choice and had to take science as an option, and Media because I like watching TV, listening to music and playing games. If I am correct, this will be the 15th time I have been to America, and what can I say, the amount of times pretty much explains it all. Relaxing in the pool is great and going to water parks is a thrill. No rollercoaster could scare me, if you dont think I’ll go on one then think again. Man shopping is awesome as every female in our family takes forever to shop, this is why I generally don’t go shopping with them.

lucyLucy (8) Im the youngest but im the third oldest in my class and im in year 3 and im nealy in year 4. My favourite Disney characters are Goofy and Pluto. I would like to be an artist when i grow up. I like playing with my best friends which are Grace, Daisy, Hayden, Bethen and last of all of them but i have more but it will take a longtime so the last one is…Jade and she makes me laugh. I really, really, really and really like tv and i like watching my tv shows which are on the disney channel and nickelodeon. I can’t wait to have fun and go to the water parks on holiday. I love to swim and i will be able to swim alot on holiday. And i enjoy playing tennis and going bowling on the wii and for real life. Last year we went on a holiday and on that holiday we went to a baseball game and dad and Nicholas enjoy the game and so did i because of the food and drinks and we are going to another baseball game. I hope the flight is going to be good and the food and it’s fingers crossed that I don’t be sick again.


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